what is planetickle?

it is actually planet-tickle, but if you’ve ever received a cd from me, you’ve seen planetickle before. it just looks better. feels right. so we went with that.

in an effort to keep our friends and family up to date with what is going on in the north pole, we’ve decided to enter the interweb nation and start a blog. we also figured it’d be a great way to keep up with lydia’s formative months. we’ll see how long it lasts…….. we’ll also start a glossary so you can keep up with some of the lingo and cast of characters. like seinfeld, it’s kinda a story about nothing. they’ll be lots of talk about eating out, cute baby pictures, music, pop culture, poopie diapers, etc….doesn’t that sound rad?


5.3 – 5.9 more messersmith & cold twins game

we picked up a 2nd hand double jogging stroller and i gave it a test run w/ lydia.

she approves.

so, we hit the jeremy messersmith listening party last week, and this weekend was the cd release show at the cedar. another good group out on the town, we started at the triple rock.

the show was fantastic. my favorite messersmith show to date. the new album has a real 60s feel and he even dressed the part.

he even had a full strings section for a few songs. here is a video for a taste.

weather turned cold again, but lara and lydia bundled up and headed out for a walk

jim and i hit another twins game. and this time, it was cold! no matter, the new stadium is awesome and i’ll take a few cold nights than playing in the metrodome.

i picked up a ski cap (toboggan if you are from nc).

here is a nice shot of sweetie sweets and mini-sweets.

bubble wrap anyone?

back to the park this week. it was mother's day, so we ventured out and hit the one near burroughs and minnehaha creek. we had a ball playing and taking some pics.


digging action.

that afternoon we went out to lara’s sister's house to celebrate. lydia always likes to work in the yard at lisa's.

here is lydia watering some flowers.

and her feet

she loves it!

warming up her cold and filthy toes

checking out the ducks in the front yard w/ grandpa

3 generations.

giving gerken kisses

4.26 – 5.2 messersmith & more birthday

more potty practice for lydia. gotta get her reps in. she wasn't pleased to see the camera

on tuesday night, i rallied up a good group to check out the jeremy messersmith new cd release party at kings.

kings is the neighborhood cafĂ© and wine bar a couple of blocks from our house and they host lots of local live music events. one of my favorite local musicians, jeremy messersmith was celebrating the release of his new record, “the reluctant graveyard”. the album was going to be released the following week, but kings was going to play it in its entirety, and the then jeremy was going to dj afterwards.

great cd. i highly recommend it and checking him out live when he comes to your town. we had a great night and got to hang out with him for a bit.

here i am regaling him with a super interesting story.

he even gave us download cards for the new cd. awesome.

i took lydia for a weeknight out to the moa to give sweetie sweets some time alone. we ate dinner at a non-descript asian place in the food court

nothing special and lydia was not feeling it.

i then took her to noodles to get some potsitckers. she loves them. success.

lydia found a nice chair.

on friday, lara’s birthday continued. she received a birthday coupon to bennihana, so we had to go and figured lydia would enjoy it.

if you are not familiar, this is one of those places where the you sent in groups around a large grill, while the chef entertains you with jokes and acrobatic cooking.

you get fun paper decorations

you get to wear goofy hats.

witness trickery.

check out the rice heart.

receive stickers.

and, of course, another happy birthday song (video).

on saturday night, we took lydia to downtown hopkins, to check out their presentation of click, click moo.

a popular childrens story, lydia loved the live play and stood mesmorized for most of the show.

did i mention that we have decided to put our house on the market? i know. that’s crazy talk. we love our house, but with baby #2 on the way, a yard, larger kitchen and new school boundaries would be greatly desired.

so, on sunday, we decided to do a little house hunting in linden hills. spring is on the way, and lydia got a nice shot with some tulips.

lydia and i killed some time at the linden hills playground while sweetie sweets ran a quick errand.

lydia gave her stamp of approval for this playground.

we also looked at a house near marathon sports. the house was nice but was across the street from this gem.

i think we'll pass.

4.19 – 4.25 first twins game @ target field

super pumped this week to go to my first twins game at the brand new target field. after attending the open house, i knew this place was incredible. i went in with my brother-in-law, jim, on a small lot of season tickets (5 games). we have amazing seats, just above third base, just less than mid way up in the lower level. i was busting with excitement, just walking up to enter the new stadium. check out this awesome billboard. rod carew statue outside. place was packed out. check out the view from the seats. joe mauer. amazing food options. i went with the murray’s steak sandwich. different perspective at night. i love that we also get the skyline view in the background. here is a shot of jeff and i. this was also lara’s birthday week. lydia helped open gifts for the big day, we went to see a movie (her choice).

and had dinner at the super fancy high end downtown steakhouse- capital grille. memorable story of the night, i noticed a hair in our fries! i noticed it immediately and began staring at the hair. the waiter could tell something was up and came over and asked. i explained and he was SUPER apologetic…..saying that he has NEVER seen that happen before. he came right back out with a fresh order of new fru-fru fries, apologized again and then also brought an additional free side vegetable (which is huge at these fancy places, as the sides are about $12 each). the manager then came over and apologized and brought us a free dessert for lara’s b-day and another free dessert for the hair incident. now that, is customer service!! things happen, and we would definitely go back to the capital grille. not to mention, our steaks were excellent. on sunday evening, we went out to tgi fridays in the burbs, to celebrate lara & jim's birthdays with lara’s family. lydia, as did we all, had a blast. as with all chains, we had to partake in the gratuitous birthday sing-a-long. check out the video.


great week.